Cow eye-balls and a warm sunny day


May actually a good combination.  According to some -anyways.

Today was the first day of Anatomy and Physiology 2, lab class. We were given eyeballs to cut open after learning a little bit about it.

It’s strange since I am not one who gets grossed out by these things (like when we did the brain I was actually enjoying myself – a little too much, much to everyone else’s consternation.) Blood and guts never disgust me. It’s usually cool.

Either I just got older (like I don’t like roller coasters anymore…), or its just eyeballs specifically. We had to watch a video of a professor cutting open the eyeball and pointing out the different parts.

My eyes were tearing away – in middle I had to even look away. It was so grotesque since there was lots of jelly mush (aka vitreous humor) all over the place.

For some odd reason my eyeball came out ‘the most massacred’ everyone else’s eyeball was surprisingly copybook. Except for mine. Probably the cow had glaucoma – totally not my fault.

The professor came around to check everyone’s and her eyebrows went up a notch when it came to mine.

“It’s the cow..” I tried explaining.

She nodded, disbelieving.

Oh, well.

The weather was gorgeously hot and while stopping off at 7/11 to get Slurpee’s I kept on smelling my hands.

I had washed them – but they still reeked.

The cashier stared.

Maybe it was subconscious.

It was a good day all in all; I mean a dissected eyeball, stunning weather, a Slurpee, what could be better?


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