My professor let me out 20 minutes early.


I thanked my lucky stars.

So today I went shopping.

I needed to go to stores I have never been in before I needed that sense of adventure and discovery and who knew – maybe I would even stumble upon a cool store with awesomely good stuff.

So I drove. And drove. I went far enough so I did not recognize anything. Not the stores, not the people and most certainly not the lampposts (they were medieval looking).

The neighborhood turned into city feeling. With meters lots of parallel cars parked or parking. I have absolutely no clue how to do that (parallel parking), as it is I have difficulty staying in the lines with regular, normal parking (quick tip for those in the same boat as me – do those drive through spots they’re great!)

Behind a bank I found a parking lot thrilled to pieces I zoomed in and realized that it was too good to be true so it must be illegal or something. But all I saw was a parking spot labeled ‘parking lot B’ in black bold letters. I did a quick drive through. Finished a bar of chocolate. (Lunch) and began walking toward all the stores. There were lots of nail salons, lots of restaurants, and tons of thrift shops and second hand stores.

Yay! They are the types of stores I am looking for! (I exclaimed in volume 500 – in my head 🙂

The first store was closed the second store was closed the third one was a consignment store. But nothing caught my eye and nothing seemed worth it and I was not thrilled at the idea of some stranger wearing clothes before I did. Objects seemed more okay. Also I don’t know how they clean it.

I looked through most stuff yet left soon after nothing seemed worth it.

The next store was set up really cool. Lots of jewelry hanging from lots of different things cool mirrors and armoires full of jewelry. Jewelry happens to be a favorite thing of mine (I have more that 25 favorite things) so I was really excited.

The salesgirl asked me if I was looking for something specific. “Long silver earrings,” I told her.

She tried to help me sort through to find what I wanted. They had some really pretty ones but nothing that jumped out at me, and it was not in my price range. Although, that would not have stopped me had there been something that totally blew me away.

After going to a few more stores and not getting anything, I ran back to the parking lot, glad to see that my car was not towed away.

I needed to get gas (and decided not to play the game called ‘lets see how far we can get till we run outa gas’  – game.) so I did and after continued going for long enough to find a shopping center with Annie Sez, Kohls etc…

I bought two pairs of heels, two nail polishes and surprisingly one (bright red) lipstick.

Then I realized I had to run to work.



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