Back to school!


Today was a back to school day! And oddly enough I was very happy. Excited even. There were three months of my brain atrophying, so duh – I would be excited. (It even makes sense -my brain has turned into mush)

I read a study on what summer vacation does to the average school- child and was horrified. The study proves that during the months of the summer a child’s brain regresses to almost being as dumb as the start of the previous year. I don’t think they should take away summer vacation I just think that I am glad I am not in school to be a teacher, since teaching a room full of difficult children just got twenty times harder if you know almost nothing you teach them will be retained!

What an un-glorified job.


But being back to school means lots of responsibilities and lots of things to make sure get done.

No procrastinating. That is what summer months are all about!

Coming on time, doing all the assignments, participating in class.

Bringing what you need for every class.

Since I am totally out of practice I forgot my water bottle. And that automatically is ba-ad news! It was in middle of the 3 hour lecture and she ran out to photocopy some sheets she had forgotten and I raced out close behind her. I went looking for a water fountain. I looked to my right. None. I looked to my left – Yippee I spotted one all the way at the end of the hallway! I ran my absolute fastest toward it and leaned over and pressed the silver button on the side.

Waaaaa! It was not working!!

I decided that I was so thirsty it’s indisputably worth it to go downstairs. But it wasn’t near the stairs and when I did find it, it was the refilling a water bottle kind. Thirstier then ever I ran back upstairs, was late to class and sat in my seat. Next time I WILL BE PREPARED!

I am now awaiting my next vacation.


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