I have this really close friend, Liz.
She has big eyes, is very pleasant to be with, usually. I met her about a month ago. Since then, we have been inseparable.  She has a distinct personality, and she is funny.
She listens to everything i say.
She takes me where i want to go
Unless she is feeling moody.
Then i have to take her to (the)shop- to calm her.
She is my car.
I named her Liz because of her feminine eyes, and light blue color. And Liz is a girly name
 For some odd reason or other she hates having the windows open. (She jams often) That sucks for me because I enjoy fresh air when I drive fast.
We both enjoy it when I drive fast- that is the one thing that makes us get along so well.
She is funny in the way whenever we go on a bump; she reacts with displeasure by making her windshield wipers go off.
She likes to pretend to me things that aren’t since she always increases the speed to say something higher than how fast I am really going, or maybe I am ignoring her sign of irritation, like she’s telling me  to slow down a bit.
Liz and I are inseparable.

2 comments on “Liz

  1. gitty says:

    im just saying, at least you have a car

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