Everyone is Unique like Everyone Else

Yesterday I realized I haven’t done even half of the things I wanted to get done during the summer. I realized that a few things I would still be able to accomplish, as long as I woke up early (or at least earlier than I have been getting up, which has been more like mid afternoon, right before works starts 2:30) and thought about it earlier on.

So yesterday I found myself shopping for baking stuff. Not the ingredients, more of like cool things like icing tips and a cookie press as well as those icing bags and more icing tips and tips for writing etc.

I walked out of the store my arms laden with bags and eager to start but there were lots of people over at my house, and things needed to get done. (Hey- I did not say I did them or was helpful or anything. I am just pointing out something interesting.)

This morning I got up practically at the crack of dawn. (The crack of dawn is different for different people- really!) I walked around like a zombie until I got used to seeing the world this early, that was like a good hour later and after a super strong coffee (no milk and no sugar).

Once my eyes lost the glazed look, I looked through all of my exciting products that I bought and couldn’t decide what to start with.  The simplest thing I figured would be the cookie press. Since all the other things required too many steps before I get to use any of the fun paraphernalia, like all the exceptionally cool icing tips and bags require a cake to decorate. And a ready made one at that, plus there was no way I was going to cheat.

I began looking for a good cookie recipe and I wasted a good chunk of time. When I finally found one that passed inspection I had to make sure we had all of the ingredients. (Equals more time wasted.) After putting all the ingredients together (maybe measuring), I finally had my dough!  I pinched off a little bit to see how it tasted. (I one of those weirdos who love raw dough)

Then I skimmed the instructions manual –nothing all that earth shattering. So I put the dough inside and chose a squiggly cookie shape – I then realized I would need a cookie sheet and parchment paper (Yup we are health conscious at least for some things anyways, since the cookies included margarine! –Gasp here-)

I pulled the trigger and some spurts of dough popped out. I guess it has to be popped out onto the cookie sheet. So I tried, I really did but each one came out so different than the next. One more blobbier than the next, thinner, fatter, longer, smaller.

How unscientific.

Whoever said anyone is like a ‘cookie cutter’ obviously never tried it. So I guess the term doesn’t mean anything.

I have heard it describe people that are generic, typical etc.

But ha on everyone since there is simply no such thing.

At least in my world.


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