Every couple of days I get all into something else

One week I decided to teach myself Spanish, another week I decided to update my wardrobe, and one week I decided to make my own makeup*. But there is one thing I am always interested in.

That is home remedies. It’s truly amazing how many things can cure one minor ailment (although I gotta admit a lot of the time you have to  try a few things to figure out what works for your body)

I think it stems from the fact I like helping people and it bothers me when people are in pain/unhappy. And while I would like to help them, I am (unfortunately ) not an MD.

This morning I woke of feeling gray and the weather did not help matters. I figured that I was most likely depressed. (Not so likely-but I decided that I was-it may help that  I work in a mental health clinic so everyone is always prescribing lots of medication – some of them placebos some of them real)

Exercise and listening to music (aka Pella) cured me, and I drank a peppermint tea to keep my mood up.

Two nights ago (Saturday) I decided to go with two friends to watch the sun rise on a beach. The closest real beach is Point Pleasant around two hours away. I happen to not have lots of experience driving on the highways. But I decided I would never get experience if I wouldn’t go then (I know, I know, highly illogical… but then again it was LATE at night) I was informed by my bro-in-law that they close the beaches at night, so I should not bother. I ignored him.

The first friend I called – was thrilled and raring to go. The next friend I called did not pick up. I left a lengthy message and called again. Finally I got through, and she explained that while she would like to go she is feeling very ill.

“With what?” I asked, concerned.


“Oh No! I will find a home remedy for you”

I don’t think she was truly interested but she was being nice by staying on the line; she was really not feeling well.

I tried finding stuff but it was not my fault I don’t get why she would not want to try the baking soda and water trick 😉 Oh well. Peppermint tea is also great for nausea. But she was not so into the idea.

Our trip was cancelled I forgave her though since the weather was gray and stormy, we would never have seen the sunrise anyways.

As an addendum – anyone has an ailment they need help removing – post a comment and I will definitely have a suggestion (no guarantees all of them are gonna work 😉

Oh and don’t worry I do not ‘prescribe’ peppermint tea for everything 😉

*see post on Did it ever occur to you that whatever you put into your body goes directly inside of you?


7 comments on “Every couple of days I get all into something else

  1. g.k says:

    (just letting you know before you give me ideas, i really REALLY dont like tea)

  2. tbree1 says:

    I’m gonna leave you with a bunch. Please let us know what works and what doesn’t!
    1. rhodiola supplement, 2.peppermint essential oil on the area where the headache seems to be coming from (but do not put on eyes- as that will cause irritation) or suck on peppermint candies
    3. Cold Ice packs 4.Pear nectar- sipping while alternating with water(or another drink of your choice) 5. Feverfew (can even be eaten raw since you dont like tea) 6. Magnesium (cluster headaches can be caused by a magnesium deficiency) and finally 7. DRINK WATER!!
    If these werent enough or you have further questions let me know! Good luck!!

    • tbree1 says:

      BTW- something I previously forgot to mention is for Rhodiola supplements, its considered a wonder herb and is great for migraines (cancer.. amongst other things) but use caution since if you ‘overdose’ it can cause heart palpitations and you may be unable to fall asleep ( like too much caffeine)
      The best solution is begin with small increments and you can gradually increase the amounts. You should be able to see results almost immediately (with exercise, and stress – its like a legal ‘steroid’ 😉

  3. G.k says:

    i actually tried magnesium but it did nothing (prob cz i dont particularly have cluster headaches), the cold ice packs dont really get rid of the migraine but it helps you focus on something else so its good for that (it freezes off my brain so i dont have much room to feel the migraine)
    the other stuff sounds interesting though so maybe ill try if im up to it when i get my next migraine which HOPEFULLY will be never!!!!

  4. tbree1 says:

    Okay GOOD! I wanna know what works! so we can help those who suffer from migraines! My sister does and its terrible (she will never admit its a migraine she just calls it a headache- since she thinks the less you acknowledge it the less it will bother you)

  5. zachomeleon says:

    I have this really strange problem, please don’t laugh or tell my mother, she will make me go to the Dr. i woke up one day with another belly button side by side next to my other one. I’m scared to go the Dr. the Dr might laugh at me, or worse, touch it. Everyone knows what happens when you touch someones belly button, especially me I’m extremely ticklish. so what do you think i should do?

  6. tbree1 says:

    Go to the health food store. They sell this pill called the ancient clay pill which is supposed cleanse your digestive system. Take the pill out of its capsule and stuff up your extra belly button. You are lucky since its skin color (they come in mostly shades of cream, tan and brown). Believe me no one will ever be able to tell. Not even your doctor. Should it come loose while swimming all you have to do is stick it right back in – if you feel more comfortable cover it with a bandaid.
    Good luck! And let me know how that works for you! I am awaiting your feedback!

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