I can’t understand it- No one can

I have a weird sense of humor. I really can’t understand myself sometimes.

The strangest things can happen, the oddest things and it will seem hilarious to me.

Once I was at a meeting at work, there were lots of people present, like my immediate supervisor, the guy on top of him. Even the guy who owns the company was in attendance but he stepped in, only briefly (or so he thought). While he was in the conference room he absent-mindedly picked up the inside of a tape dispenser that was lying on the table. (You know, the black circle shaped thing inside of the roll of tape, the thing no one notices.) He is the absent-minded professor profile, a super genius but always a little distracted, lost in thought. While talking he placed it on his finger, but when he tried to pull it off, it refused to budge. I giggled like a hyena. Not quietly. Not inconspicuously. I simply could not help it. It struck me as hilariously funny. Poor guy, till he managed to take it off it was a while. I was the constant background noise. I am amazed he didn’t send me out or something. It was highly unprofessional.

And yes, I am one of those people that laugh when people fall down. Hard.  The harder, the funnier. Its terrible.

Once a guy came in to see his therapist, and I buzzed him in. While getting in he slipped on the carpet. I laughed uproariously- and tried to keep it a little down. The poor individual turned beet red. When he got up, he slipped again. This time, I laughed without constraint.

Twenty minutes later, after wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes, I realized that I was super mean.

Later that evening while leaving the building I noticed the carpet was sticking up, so really he was not the klutz he looked like from my window.

I looked and burst out laughing again, just remembering the situation made it seem funnier all over again.

Gosh some people!


4 comments on “I can’t understand it- No one can

  1. thomasnwafor says:

    I don’t wanna messup while your around ha ha

  2. G.k says:

    you and my brother…..he can watch youtube videos of ppl falling ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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