Keep Properly hydrated-even if its for everyone who has to put up with you!

For me irritation and inconsistency (with both in thought and behavior) is caused by a few things, one of which is dehydration.

When I say that I don’t mean fainting or anything major, what I really mean any stage beyond the chapped lips.

Lots of times I won’t even notice. Truthfully-no one does. But I am a thousand times more likely to let someone know how irritable I am with them.

On a date once the guy forgot to get me a drink I was so highly irritated that I began hating everything about him, and specifically for some reason his pants irked me to no end. This was highly amusing to everyone who knows me since I generally do not even notice that they were wearing pants much less the cut/style etc.

At work, once my boss gave me a whole stack of things to do and I hadn’t drunk anything all day. That was ba-ad. Since I told him no.

Just like that, “I’m sorry it is not going to work for me right now.”

(I think it was soon after we read (in school) Bartleby the Scrivener, a short story about a guy who refused to do lots of requests his boss asked of him.) Probably because to some extent everyone is affected by what one reads and some people are more affected then others. (This case was not peer pressure that is something else entirely 😉

It’s not just me. I think I am just one person who is more aware of it.

I know someone who was yelling a lot- one day – I went over to her and asked her if she drank anything. She was like, “come to think of it, no!” After giving her a cup of water she calmed down. Then she began speaking in a more rational tone of voice. From then on every time I heard her sound irritated I would hand her a cup of water. It would work for two reasons 1- she was most likely dehydrated and 2- By doing that she would realize that she is acting very irritable, and she should stop now.

That is like a stop sign in middle of a highway, for everyone.

If you ever come across a nasty individual, they are not necessarily a bad person, they are most likely dehydrated- that’s all! (Of course there ARE exceptions)

Some people are nasty always and right now they are dehydrated as well- steer clear of ANY of those types of people!  🙂


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