Did it ever occur to you that whatever you put onto your body goes directly inside of you?

This is fact becomes very apparent to those that use patches for medicinal purposes (ex: Daytrana patch, or the nicotine patch etc.) Kevin Trudeau in his books (I read a while ago) was all into this, and explained how dangerous it is (he was a tad extreme and told people not to wear deodorant- but I wont go there)
So why on earth do some of us put makeup on without thoroughly checking through all of the ingredients? (As an interesting side note- the FDA is very loosely involved with cosmetics and there has been evidence of toxic (like cancer causing) ingredients being found in makeup. FDA has done nothing about it. (I am guessing they are getting $ from ‘somewhere’ to look the other way)
What do I expect us to do? I mean lots of people need makeup to function on daily basis.
So late one night (okay, okay- I know I said not to pay attention to any late night decisions) I was googling homemade natural makeup recipes when stumbled across a whole bunch of them.
I was ecstatic, but then I remembered that it was waay past 1:30, and that it’s entirely too likely that I would think its ridiculous- when I woke up in the morning. So I put it all on hold for the next day. When I finally woke up (it was Sunday- I am totally allowed to sleep past 12:00 pm).
I began looking around the kitchen for some ingredients. We had corn starch -because one time I bought it because I wanted to make jelly candies- they turned out to be a level beyond disgusting. First I was going to make a base/foundation powder. It called for corn starch, potato starch, and cinnamon.  We had everything- so I was absolutely thrilled to pieces.
I put it on and used plain cinnamon as a bronzer. (cocoa is a better alternative since it doesn’t clog up your pores).
I asked my mother if she liked my new makeup. I constantly get new makeup and constantly asking her for her opinion, so this was not unusual. Of course I did not tell her that it was food otherwise she most likely have been somewhat biased.
“Yes- it looks really nice!” (that response was- unusual)
“Well guess what?”
“What?” she asked.
“All the ingredients are from our kitchen!”
She was shocked. I walked away laughing. Everyone else had similar reactions. (And yes- OF COURSE-my brother in law was around)
However, I do think that beneath their ‘shocked’ faces they were relieved it wasn’t made from something really bizarre.
I also read you can make any other types of makeup from mica (a type of mineral) in Latin mica means a crumb, andmicare means to glitter. Those are two basic characteristics of mica. They also come in a wide range of colors. (so yay! We can use them for blush and eye shadow! And for those that want cream eye shadow add Vaseline!)
When I was in the Middle East and I traveled to dessert and there were mountains of a wide range of colored sand. From blue and green to pink and purples – it was absolutely stunning and I made sand art with it. (and it sits happily on my dresser- next to my seashell collections) I also  took lots home. I wonder if this is mica. I did use it for makeup and loved how it looked (on my wallet- on my face on the other hand…. 😉
Another option for blush is- ever notice beets are a very dark color that stains your fingers? Well if you were to put them (first slice them into chips-thin slices) then put them in the oven on 245 degrees for 2 hours. When it cools off- blender it, and ta da-you have pink powder. It can be made into a blush (if its too dark for u add potato starch) or lipstick (just add Vaseline!) For a different color any berries will work. (And I have a ‘feeling’ it will take forever to come off as well – so yippee! 24 hour –lasting.
Activated Charcoal capsules can be used for eyeliner and for mascara -but for mascara you are gonna need to add other things like (beeswax, activated charcoal, coconut oil  and Aloe Vera gel heated on a saucepan).
Here is the one issue I have had with all this stuff. Once you do this, and wear this really healthy makeup you may feel that you are absolutely wonderfully healthy – wrong you have to do all this in conjunction with healthy habits. Don’t feel so smug – yes- I am talking to you – the person who never is healthy except for when you are!  🙂

10 comments on “Did it ever occur to you that whatever you put onto your body goes directly inside of you?

  1. m.y says:

    Very good! Btw homemade deoderant is simple, easy and it works really well all you do is take a pinch of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and apply it. Ive been using it for years and it leaves me dry and fresh all day-even outlasting regular deoderants effectiveness.

  2. tbree1 says:

    Thats great! How does it stay on? Water?
    And have you tried the no poo- shampoo? I did. It did NOT work for me, apple cider vinegar may remove chemicals and other harmful stuff, however it also removes some friends, neighbors etc 😉

  3. m.y says:

    Its a powder so you just rub it in. Lol

  4. m.y says:

    And yes ive tried it. If u do it right (everyones hair is different) it works real well.

  5. m.y says:

    I always add essential oils like lavender to my home-made conditioner

    • tbree1 says:

      Oh! That’s smart! But isn’t the smell of apple cider vinegar stronger? And I have an idea- you can put essential oils into your deodorant as well! (maybe not lavender..) I tried the baking soda but I added water to get it to rub in better 😉

  6. […] Did it ever occur to you that whatever you put onto your body goes directly inside of you? […]

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