Shoes Died? Or Dyed shoes?

I had this stunning pair of shoes. I wore it once, a year ago, for a siblings wedding. The shade of gray/silver matched my gown perfectly, but I never wore either of them again.

Which was a total waste, they are adorable shoes. My gown is nice too, but no one agreed to go  to  the mall wearing gowns, and I had no other occasion that I felt like wearing it for.

With all this floating around my subconscious, I was driving past a whole strip of stores.

I slowed my car and decided that, of course, I must go shopping this very second cuz I spotted a favorite store- Michaels!

Michaels is the store everyone who knows me well, hates going with me. I can get lost there for hours. I remember a time my mother was trying to get a hold of me, I never even heard my phone ring, I was ‘out of commission’ for four hours.

I was going up and down the aisles. Like a granny who left her cane at home. I looked at everything very carefully- I wouldn’t miss something cool.

All of a sudden I spotted it

Small packets of fabric dye ‘well I don’t want red, nothing I own very dressy comes in that color, and I want it to be versatile, plus this is really just a test anyways,’ I figured.

That was when I made the mistake of looking at my watch.

‘And, oh my, I gotta run, run, run’

So I ran ran ran.

When I finally got home (No- I refuse to tell you how many stores I stopped at till I got home – I can give you a hint though, more than five-not joking)

I read through the directions and began looking for the items it called for. It was like following a recipe (groan) but I decided to follow it (I drew my line by the wearing the gloves part)

A gallon of boiling hot water put in a stainless steel basin (who in the world owns that? I took one of my Moms soup containers) Then pour 4 T salt in the hot water (I complied- except I didn’t feel like measuring) Then pour the packet in and stir (Hey? The instructions didn’t tell me what to stir with! I couldn’t think of anything to stir it with, everything was too short, I tried utensils, ices, pretzel rods etc. Until I decided to use a fancy silk hanger from my brothers room I chose it because it was more sticklike than not) I began mixing it. (I felt like a witch stirring a cauldron, I could not hold back the urge to cackle) I dumped my shoes in and began stirring vigorously. Then I picked up one of my shoes “aaahhh they totally gyped me!” I yelled to no one. “My shoes are bright blue!” Then I looked back at the instructions oh- it says mix it for an hour, ha you think I have time for this?’

I walked off, the weather was gorgeous and I decided to walk around my neighborhood.

When I came back it was time!!

I pulled out my shoes-yay they did turn the right color- and dripped it all over the place, I brought it to the laundry room to dry.

The dying part took place in the bathroom, later when my Mom came home she was horrified. But when I showed her the shoes- and I promised to clean it up she calmed down.

I sometimes feel bad for all the gray hairs I give her. I am just glad she didn’t see my fingers.


2 comments on “Shoes Died? Or Dyed shoes?

  1. Isabelle says:

    if you think ur mom has some gray hairs from you, then i’ll tell you wat i think. from wat u said m going to gamble that she has a head full of white.

  2. tbree1 says:

    ur are too smart! Love ur comments!

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