Late one night, I decided to redo my lawn.

One night, I figured, since I have free time in the mornings, and our lawn needs help. (Due to unspecified individuals who feel the need to get out of the driveway by going on the grass, between trees, since they simply cannot wait until someone moves their car.)I would redo the lawn.

First some article explained that you must test whether your soil has an acidic or alkaline ph. They said either you can get a tester. However, I was didn’t feel like being in the car again.  Especially since I noticed recently, that whenever I go someplace, I always stop along the way if a store looks very inviting, or I feel a burning need to buy random items that you probably never heard of. A simple trip to the cleaners can turn into a four day excursion 😉

Another option they gave, was to take some soil from outside put it in a cup, add water. Then add vinegar if it fizzes – it’s alkaline. If there is no reactions take more soil with water and put baking soda if it fizzes than it’s acidic. If there is no reaction you probably don’t know what mud looks like so you should stop any attempt at gardening (LOL- I made that part up!)

Anyways I think it fizzed by baking soda. I wasn’t sure since there was no volcanic explosion like I imagined. But I figured that it was. I didn’t try it with the vinegar, since I had already decided it was acidic (because there are lots of pine trees around, not because I ate it or anything, for real).

I googled a YouTube video, on how to plant grass in acidic soil. A video popped out that looked like what I needed “How to fix brown spots in your yard in acidic soil,” (even though, at this point, most of the lawn is a brown spot, besides for the trees we have all over the place)

This corpulent individual stands in front of the camera, he looks like a real hick, and explains what he is going to be teaching me today, “how to fix those durn brown spots.” The first two minutes I simply cannot listen to a word he says because his head is bald as bowling ball, its even the same shiny, does he wax it? I wondered.

If he can’t make his head grow hair, how in the world could he be teaching me how to grow grass? Its struck me as- out of kilter.

Finally he began outlining exactly what has to be done; this was at 1:00 am.  In my head I began taking notes. The next morning I overslept and when I woke up, (finally) it was late and I had to get to work a short while after. I think subconsciously I was not interested in it, since it’s a lot of tedious work.

Oh well, it was a great idea, in theory.

I think for future references, okay ideas can seem like a great idea when its late at night;)


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