Makeup – an additional career?

Recently, I have become obsessed with makeup. Some people would say I was always fixated with it. But I think I was infatuated with it, like I became passionate about collected cool rocks, face masks, seashells, or home remedies. So it’s like anything, it is probably a phase, that I will get all into and forget it soon after.

I have told my parents that I would like to become a makeup artist, in addition to becoming an O.T.A. I got a lot of eyeball rolling and things like, “You can’t be everything, you have to choose one thing and that’s it!”

But of course I had to explain that it’s not like any other job, it would be part time, while I am in school. (Since at one point in the near future I will have to give up my job 😦

I managed to convince myself so much that almost immediately I ordered a nice big set of makeup brushes. When I got it I pranced around the house making everyone look at them and feel them, of course.

I then scheduled my first ‘client’.

My brother in law has one of these huge LED lights that are so bright, by putting one on you feel like you are in a movie-making production.

When I asked him if I can borrow it, I did not offer an explanation. I just asked him if I could borrow it. (I decided it is way better lighting than others and my aunt has a special light for putting on makeup, she is a makeup artist)

His eyebrows went up, “Out of curiosity, why do you want the light?”

“Oh, nothing major.” I giggled. His eyebrows went up a notch.

He looked at me, “I have a client coming, sunday.” I said by way of explanation.

He looked more puzzled than any thing else.

I felt bad, keeping him in suspense so long, and he definitely thought I was up to something retarded (more than usual) he usually sees me in my ‘creative moods’.(The most recent: I was in middle of a cake, and yelled that “NO Way, JOS’E, I do NOT wanna make this.” I closed the recipe book and continued with a different recipe that didn’t exist. That situation happened to be not so bad, there have been worse…)

So I explained that I have a new career.

Sunday morning, he was at my house and he was like “Oh, when is your client coming?”

“Oh, I have to speak to her first”

He and my brother looked at each other.

“I did tell her, but we did not schedule an exact time,” I said a little defensively.

They both looked at each other again and nodded, slowly.

I spoke to her and she came over. I used the side entrance and began to get very into my role.

It was fun! (at least it was for me)

After I was done (and yes, I did a fabulous job, – course I will say so 😉 Although I heard positive feedback from her mother.

I am still not sure if I am definitely doing it. But I was checking it out online and unless I am going to cosmetology school to be licensed, I do not need a license. So YAHOO!! Maybe I can do it part time. They did suggest, though, that I get a job working by a makeup counter.

Ha! Its easy to make people who are pretty prettier, but heaven help me try to make an ugly hag pretty. But maybe that will be the good part, because that’s where the challenge is. (And I love being creative- maybe if someone is beyond help I will paint polka dots on their face and tell them it’s the latest style- I mean the more we cover up the better 😉

That is where the actual rolling up your sleeves and working really comes in, I mean it has to look believable! 😉


2 comments on “Makeup – an additional career?

  1. sheina says:

    Lol holarious sea shell collections and all … u write fabulously !! Pls a do one on our room x

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