The Strange thing About People

Do you know what I noticed recently? Its funny – and its going to sound very trite but

It’s the small things in life that make us happy/unhappy.

Ever have those days that are just awful? Those days will generally start by you noticing the bad weather and that is absolutely awful cuz your hair frizzes up and that is absolutely it- you are in the worst mood ever!

Or how about those days that you are just deliriously happy, for no reason at all. Other than the fact you slept well, had a good breakfast, or even something like listened to your favorite music.

You are just as ecstatic as a kid splashing in a puddle, getting a lollypop or wearing a pretty sticker.

Note- that is the kid in you- it’s the small things in life that make them excited and joyful.

I guess in some way we are all like a bunch of kids, deep inside, and for some of us very, very deep inside.

By work today my coworker came over to me, absolutely thrilled, to tell me the good news. Why? Because after not having paper towels at work, they finally restocked! I love people like that. (Note: this has nothing to do with age since she is in her high 60s/ low 70s)

I was recently reading an article (I think it was an article, could be it was a book, a obituary, an analogy, I don’t remember) It was about someone’s grandmother who was such a wonderful person that even when she wanted to say something bad, if they did something to severely tick her off she would ‘curse’  them with the following, “may their bread be soft and their butter hard,” This woman may have  been a wonderful person but this is not a indication of it, rather its an indication of her profound wisdom, since she realized what really makes us happy or unhappy, -the small things in life.

Something interesting to note, when I need to yell something impolite to someone all I yell is the words, “BAD WORD” it works great for me 😉

Did you ever try to butter bread when the bread is soft and butter hard? It is so infuriating, it makes you feel like screaming! (but hold on- maybe a pacifier is the solution*)

Now, keep in mind while planning your next vacation, it doesn’t have to be that major, that sensational or exhilarating. All it has to do is put you in a kids mindset.

Hey- Mud sliding? Anyone?

*see The Worlds Greatest Invention – post.


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