The Worlds Greatest Invention!

Over the weekend we had lots of relatives staying with us. That kind of translates into having a lot of children scattered all over the place.

The oddest thing of it all is that I absolutely love it. I know one of my siblings that got displaced from his bed so a couple could sleep in his room, was okay with it as well. It’s kind of weird in that way. (And although he could have slept on the couch he chose to sleep in a closet 8)

I guess it’s just fun having company, more things happening.

The place is absolutely flying. Everyone does their own  thing. Some people hate that sort of thing – I thrive on it!

However, it also means waking up at random intervals during the night because a child has a nightmare, a stomach-ache, or just needs to be tucked in again. That is where The Invention comes in.

It  never ceases to amaze me, the invention of the pacifier. A baby is bawling, loudly, and gratingly. All you have to do is just stick a pacifier in his mouth.

That’s all!

Then the baby gets calm, and relaxes. It’s amazing. I would love to try it for adults.

Ha- imagine in therapy instead of the therapist offering the client a box of tissues, she would offer a pacifier!

Imagine someone is extremely stressed and unhappy – instead of needing to vent, all she has to do is suck on a pacifier!

Imagine a professor yelling about a huge assignment coming up and instead of all the students groaning inwardly. All mouths begin sucking a pacifier.

This actually sounds like a really pleasant alternative.

It seems like the world would be a whole lot calmer, a whole lot more chilled, and yes a whole lot more civilized.

I actually tried it – it’s a fantastic distraction. (Not to me, silly, everyone else ;))


3 comments on “The Worlds Greatest Invention!

  1. ng says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your awesome its absolutely hilarious 😉 B-P ❤

  2. G.k says:

    its a good idea i guess, but kinda gross. like we would all be walking around with those pacifier clips hanging off our shirts (we would need diff ones to match every outfit…..)

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