Rainy Weather brings out the weirdness in people

Today was one of those days you wish you did not have to get up, that would not be so bad except for the fact everyone you encounter has the same thought.

Everyone drives like lunatics- in the time span it takes to get to work (7 minutes counting lights) I had five near accidents.

In the workplace it’s bad for everyone.  The poor mailmen, or UPS guys, the unfortunate road worker and construction workers. It is pretty bad though in my work environment since everyone is always peculiar – I work in a mental health clinic. And yes, it is true, after working with bizarre people long enough you do begin to think they are normal and the normal people are the ones who are cracked!

Today I overheard a clinician say, “Well I am telling you-when I’m in the real world I begin to doubt my own sanity!”

I wanted to ask her why she thought the clinic was not in the real world, and she doesn’t need to have any doubts if she doesn’t want, I would be happy to voice my observations. Wisely, I kept my mouth shut. This therapist is infamous for being exceptionally wacky. Come to think of it a lot of them are. Once a therapist began telling me about her pet chipmunk that follows her around always and she can never get away from him. As she put it, “I think he just likes me too much!” When I asked her how long this has been going on she said for 3 years already.

“Are you sure it is the same one?”

“Definitely do you think after always being around him I wouldn’t recognize him?”

I agreed that it was definitely a valid statement. I laughed loudly when she left.

Then a client came to see the psychiatrist. He is on every medication I ever heard of and lots that I haven’t. He came to give us postcards –it read his name and ‘Personal Consulting- always available’

I bit my lip and nodded my head in thanks, then looked down so he could not see my smirk.

Everyone is always unique (read; weird) maybe the rain just brings it out in people

All I know is we had an emergency crisis session today and another emergency where someone was having suicideology and we had to call an ambulance. And the phone was ringing off the hook – not a minute passed when I was bored. It was insanity.

I wish we could rewind and do it again!

Hey – it’s still raining! 😉


One comment on “Rainy Weather brings out the weirdness in people

  1. Isabelle says:

    its so true! my rainy day leaves me looking like the opposite end of the toilet brush. maybe i shud cum to ur clinic, and visit your chipmunk lady we wud hit it off like old friends

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