Early morning dentist appointments – note to self- not the top of the bucket list!

Blearily, I opened my eyes and looked at my alarm clock – 7:10. Normally that would be a sign to shut my eyes and go back to sleep. Today that was not the case, I scheduled a dentist appointment at the crazy early time of 7:30 (when I told my mother about my appointment at the most unearthly hour, she asked if it was before six, when I admitted it wasn’t – she was not impressed)

I had to be out of the house by 7:15 if I wanted to be on time.

7:13 – I was dressed and looking around trying to figure out what I had forgotten. It reminded me of my life in high school.

That was a time when I was convinced that by waiting until the last second to get out of bed would ensure that I got it to school. I explained to anyone who I would likely convince, that it was when I woke up too early, that was when I would miss the bus.

I would run down the block holding lenses, spitting toothpaste, and my earrings dangling from my pocket.

The one time I woke up 30 seconds later- and since everything was down to a science – I missed the bus. But I didn’t give up just give up and make mom drive I outran the school bus. I was standing by the next bus stop when the bus pulled up.

I am not gonna lie- I was gasping for breath, wheezing like one who needs life support, red-faced and shaking from the adrenaline rush, but hey who cares? I made the bus!

I arrived at the dentist 7:30 – and after waiting around, they called me in. The activity for the day- they were going to take a mold of my tooth so they can put a crown (after having a root canal.. I know…fun stuff!).

“Hold on, I thought we did that last time,” I was starting to feel like I was living there (it was, I can assure you, not a warm and fuzzy feeling.) The smell of latex made me want to gag.

“We did, honey, but it wasn’t good enough.”

“But last time we did it twice,”

“We want it to be perfect.”

“I appreciate that,” (I thought, sighing in my head)

They began drilling and stuffing my mouth with stuff. I am always amazed anew at how many things they can stick in my mouth at once. How does it all fit? Honestly, I think they should have a disclaimer, “Hey- don’t try this at home”

Or something like that anyways.

With the nasty taste lingering in my mouth, I waved good bye to the hygienist and thanked the dentist, I left the smell of antiseptic behind.

I was highly relieved that I was able to leave soon after with only minor injuries. This time while drilling my tooth (I don’t know why a mold requires more drilling, but, hey I don’t work there) they managed to drill off a piece of my tongue. I only wish I knew whether it will regenerate completely.


4 comments on “Early morning dentist appointments – note to self- not the top of the bucket list!

  1. G. k says:

    you had me laughing at “I appreciate that” lol, so your type of thing to say 🙂

  2. ng says:

    Awww that’s horrible so your like living with a quarter of your tongue missing!!??!?!!

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