People do not mature- they just get better at faking it!

The expression ‘being a child at heart’, invokes a feeling of longing for being young and carefree..

I know the day that I become too mature for playing outside – getting dirty in the mud- is the day I become a boring twit.

Maturity is not real. It’s an act, a pretense. It’s a sham.

It was invented for boring people who lost their vitality of youth; lost that spark of curiosity and lost their sense of self.

Why would one be mature? Maybe, because you are scared of expressing who you are, or because you have never really met yourself and you do not know who you are, so you can not express individuality.

Today, a friend and I decided we have become too enmeshed in the work environment and we haven’t had enough time to enjoy living life. It was a glorious spring day, so we both took the time off and went to a park .This park is really nice because it has a brook that burbles through some woods and a little trail.

Failing to follow the path, we led ourselves off to the side and we hung on tree’s, twirled around tree’s and climbed tree’s. At one point I decided we must play a game. Spontaneously I invented the game ‘Twirl-a-tree’ it involved getting ‘out’ if we stopped twirling and we had to continuously jump from tree to tree. In the beginning it was difficult but we managed to end up laughing so hard we cried.

We walked and since we had already plodded off the beaten path we decided to explore- at one point I looked up and saw my friend, all distracted by nature, step on a log which went rolling. You can imagine what happened next! The ground was exceptionally marshy and … needless to say I wish I could have videoed it!

After pulling some more ridiculous stunts that almost landed us in ‘hot water’ (actually it was cold!), I imagined my boss walking by while I was hanging from a tree – I laughed so hard at his imagined expression I almost fell off!


2 comments on “People do not mature- they just get better at faking it!

  1. G. L. says:

    Mature ppl just fake it better – I agree! Thank god we have no need to fake ourselves.
    Live beautiful, live strong!

  2. G.k says:

    your crazy!!! But thats so true though…..

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